get yours before they get theirs

+  no one is coming to save you.

+  No one is going to hand you what you WANT.

+ Learn to stop WISHING and HOW TO start taking!

+  Let desire unleash your Freedom!

The excuses stop today

+ "I work so hard..." - work SMART!

+ "It's unfair that..." - fair is for losers!

+ "No one understands..." - no one CARES!

+ "I'm unattractive..." - fix it!

Don't just win. Change the GAME...

Demand success in life, love and work.

what is attractive?

+  dominating your opponents.

+  never stopping, letting go or letting up.

+ Rejecting limitations.

+ commanding respect.

What is ugly?

+ thinking rather than doing.

+ putting others above yourself.

+ compromising.

+ changing your mind.


© Noah Sinclair 2017