examples of the system in action

1. No one is coming to save you


They are coming to take yours so take theirs first.


Don’t be a little bitch about it either.  Do it in the open, tell them up front and make them feel it when you do.


Is Tom your boss?  Well I want you to go in and say...


“Tom, I am a threat. I don’t respect you. I’m going to take your job because I am better, smarter, tougher and more tenacious than you.  In fact, I already have it and you're too goddamn stupid to even realize it.”


Maybe some of you will think, “Aww, Tom has three little girls and that new Fiat, maybe I should just work hard and get ahead by coming in 15 minutes early, making people like me and taking it up the ass every day.”


Fuck Tom and fuck his family.  They are the ones who chose to put their stake in that weak little bitch, not you.


Get it.


2. Their rules don't apply to us


The only rules that matter are the ones we write every day.


And what is better than writing our own rules for those around us? Changing these rules when the sad, small people who follow them get used to them.  Be unpredictable so that your friends and opponents are always on guard.  It keeps those loyal to you fresh and your enemies unbalanced.


Attractive people have never lived by anyone else's rules and we never will.


3. Be impulsive


Do what is immediate and what feels good.


If you truly want it, take it. Now.


Drink in the afternoon. Do a bump at the parent teacher conference. Co-worker being unreasonable?  Punch them in their fat fucking face.


When you trust and work The System you live fast, hard and without regard for tomorrow.


Why? Because security makes us weak and complacent.


You never truly own what you aren't afraid to lose.


4. Nice is NOT productive


"Nice guys finish last."  Fuck that!


Nice guys watch with shameful erections while guys like me finish on their wife's tits.


Don’t be nice ANYTHING.


Others' feelings are anchors that weigh down your ship of success. Cut them loose.


5 - 100. revealed to those who step up


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